International Public Relations

Public Relations in a Global Context

Fall Student e-Projects

  1. Brittany Crispino

  2. Chelsea Amason

  3. Sharona Russell

  4. Kaylee Knight

  5. Michelle Malinger

  6. Samantha Holst

  7. Megan Accetta

  8. Alyssa Molina

  9. Kelsey Vercica

  10. Cydnee Coker

  11. Mary Campbell

  12. Fawn Nicholson

  13. Meghan Armstrong

  14. Rachel Segal

3 comments on “Fall Student e-Projects

  1. marmstrong4501
    October 5, 2013

    I emailed you saying for both this class and seminar I accidentally used the same url username (marmstro4501). The link below is the marmstro4501 for this class. I have contacted wordpress in hopes that they can help me change. So sorry for the confusion!

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