International Public Relations

Public Relations in a Global Context

IPR International NGOs, Issue-based Networks, Development Campaign Resources


PR Week Global ThinkTank here

Global PR Network here

World Bank Development Communication here

UNICEF Communication for Development here

Center for Development Communication here

Communication in Development here

Sustainable Development Communications Network here

UNESCO Communication for Development here

OECD Dev Communication here

WHO Communication for Development (Water Sanitation) UNESCO here

The Bulldog Reporters Winning PR Campaigns here


FBI Human Trafficking here

DHS–Human Trafficking here

Polaris Project Human Trafficking here

Not For Sale Campaign Against Human Trafficking here

State of CA–Human Trafficking here

NY–Against Human Trafficking here

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking here

Anti-Slavery and Forced Labor here

International Labor Rights Program here

Human Rights Education Association here

Washington State Office of State Attorney Against Forced Labor here

Human here

Voice of America Sierra Leone Human Trafficking here

The White House–End Human Trafficking here

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking here

The Julian Center–Human Trafficking here

CIPR Global PR Campaigns here

Equality Now here

UN Against Drugs and Crime–Human Trafficking here

Adult Literacy–UN Data Africa here

Common Dreams here

Aid For Africa here


Greenpeace International here

Clean Air Project Europe here

World Environment Organization here

Natural Resources Defense Council here

Open Directory Environment Organizations here

Center for Diversity and Environment here

Earth Organization here

UN Environment Program here


Africa Renewal here

UNESCO–Literacy, health, social, and cultural issues here

UN Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights here

Human Rights Resources (useful) here

International Children’s Literacy Corps here

U.S. Read Every Day campaign here

Cuba’s Yes We Can Literacy Campaign here


Women and Literacy here

Stop Rape in Conflict here

Stop Rape Now–NGO links here

Event–Walk Against Rape here

Female Infanticide Amplify Your Voice Campaign here

UN- Advancement of Women here

UN-Women Watch here

Madre-International Women’s Rights Organization here

Rape in War–Physicians for Human Rights here

International Rescue Committee–Rape here

War Against Rape–Pakistan here

Amnesty International here

International Center for Research on Women here

UN Rule of Law–a fairly comprehensive list of organizations here

Save the Children here

Anti-Human Trafficking NGOs here

Women’s Rights Worldwide NGOs here

Child Literacy Demographics Africa here

Domestic Violence US here

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence US here

Nigeria Network of NGOs here

Sustainable Development here

WHO Public Health Campaigns here

Campaign for Violence Prevention here

Gendercide (Female Infanticide) here

Afghanistan Women’s Mission here

Early Childhood Literacy in Africa here


Child Health Now here

Women Against Rape here

World Drug Day here

U.S. What it Takes to Make Health Campaigns Stick here

Health for All here

UN Maternal Health MDG here

Engender Health here

Maternal Health Task Force here

Amnesty International Maternal Health in US here

World Bank Maternal Health here

Maternal Health Young Champions Program here

UNICEF Maternal Health here

USAID Maternal Health here


Marie Stopes Safe Sex Online Campaign here

Safe Sex Campaign Mongolia here

Brazil Happy Prostitute Safe Sex Campaign Scrapped here and here and a blog from Africa here 



UNAIDS here here

UNICEF Children and AIDS here

Gates Foundation AIDS here


Levi Strauss AIDS Campaign here


Animal Cruelty Do Something here

Anti-Cruelty Society here

PETA here

ASPCA here

MSPCA–Against Animal Cruelty here

SPCA LA–Prevent Cruelty to Animals here

National District Attorney’s Division Against Cruelty to Animals here

Kids Against Animal Cruelty here

Go Vegetarian here

American Humane Society here

Snow Leopard Trust here

Endangered Animals here

WWF here

Illegal Wildlife Trading here

Etsy-The Petition Site here

Endangered Specie here


World Bank Human Labor Statistics here

International Labor Rights Organization here

Bureau of Labor Services Article here


Teamsters here

USAID here 

International Federation of Red Cross here

NATO here

US Forest Service here

Disaster Center – Relief Agencies here

International Relief Teams here

World Vision here

Salvation Army here

Heritage here

US GAO here


One comment on “IPR International NGOs, Issue-based Networks, Development Campaign Resources

  1. alyssammolina
    November 26, 2013

    Target Audience – Zaharna, R. S. (2001). “In-awareness” approach to international public relations. Public Relations Review, 27, 135—148.

    Target Audience – Kent, M., & Taylor, M. (2001). How intercultural communication theory informs public relations practice in global settings. In N. Bardhan & C. K. Weaver, Public relations in global cultural contexts: Multi-paradigmatic perspectives (pp. 50—76).

    Key Stakeholders – Mitchell, R. K., Agle, B. R., & Wood, D. J. (1997). Toward a theory of stakeholder identification and salience: Defining the principle of who and what really counts.Academy of Management Review, 22, 853—886.

    Save the Children (Latin America/Caribbean) –

    Research on childhood poverty –

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